Online Casino and Betting Articles for Castellum Marketing

This project involved collaborating with Castellum Marketing, an agency specializing in digital marketing for the online gambling industry. My role was to create a diverse range of high-quality articles for their clients, who are leading casino recommendation websites catering to players seeking reputable and exciting online gaming experiences.



Tasks Completed:

  1. Article Writing: Wrote a diverse range of articles tailored to the needs of casino recommendation websites, including:
    • Game Guides: Detailed explanations of popular casino games (e.g., slots, blackjack, poker), providing strategies and tips for players of all levels.
    • Responsible Gambling: Articles promoting safe and responsible gambling habits, aligning with the industry’s commitment to player well-being.
    • Casino Reviews: Comprehensive evaluations of online casinos, highlighting their strengths, weaknesses, game offerings, bonuses, and overall user experience.
  2. SEO Optimization: Implemented search engine optimization techniques to ensure that articles ranked well in search results, driving organic traffic to the client websites and attracting potential players.


Through this project, I successfully produced a library of informative, engaging, and SEO-optimized articles that catered specifically to the needs of top casino recommendation websites. This content not only strengthened the client websites’ authority and credibility but also helped them attract and convert potential players, contributing to their overall success in the competitive online gambling market.

Picture of Emmanuel Ekokotu

Emmanuel Ekokotu

A content-led SEO specialist helping brands get found online, capture more qualified leads, and build lasting connections through content that resonates.

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